Referral Program

At Meticulous Man Services we value each and every referral sent out way. Referrals are a sign that people trust us to take care of their friends and family. Because referrals are the best compliment ever; and, because they allow us to focus more time on providing quality service instead of marketing, they deserve a BIG thank you!

We will send you a friendly e-mail when one of your referrals has began using our services. Gift cards are mailed at the end of every month in which they have been earned.

Terms and Conditions:
1) Refer ONLY people you know personally.
2) You CANNOT refer yourself.
3) They MUST NOT have already used our services in the past.
4) ANYONE can refer us, even if you don’t use our services!
5) You will receive a $35 gift card once your referral becomes a regular client (after their 3rd cleaning) and your friend will receive $35 off their 1st cleaning.

Note: $35 off cannot be combined with any other offers, coupons, or specials.