Team Member Opportunities

Team Member Opportunities

Are you looking for MORE than just a paycheck?


  • You take OWNERSHIP of what you say and do
  • You can’t STAND people who blame others and point fingers
  • You LOVE finding ways to improve things
  • You believe there’s ALWAYS something new you can learn
  • You aren’t afraid to WORK HARD and get dirty
  • You believe SERVING others is your greatest strength

If those words make you want to roll your eyes, move on to the next ad.
If they have you fired up and ready to go, read on my new best friend, you just might be in the right place…


  • You are a criminal, on drugs, or you are just a plain old pain in the butt
  • You don’t have your own reliable transportation, insurance, and all that adult type stuff
  • You don’t like working because it gets in the way of having “real fun”
  • You blame others for your problems in life
  • You don’t think you should have to learn now that you have a diploma
  • You don’t take showing up on time every time seriously
  • You think there are tasks/jobs that are beneath you
  • You have a “me first” attitude

Are you still with us? Even more excited to join us than before?? We need to talk!
We have a LIMITED number of cleaning positions available exclusively for the people described above!!

If this is you – APPY NOW. You don’t want to miss this opportunity and we don’t want to miss out on YOU! APPLY NOW!
Click the link below NOW and introduce yourself to us. We can’t wait to meet you!!