About Us

About Us

Hi, I’m TJ Fruichantie, the Chief Cleaning Officer here at Meticulous Man Services. We’re a locally owned and operated residential house cleaning company based out of Nampa, Idaho, and serving the Treasure Valley from Caldwell to Boise since 2011.

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit more about me, my family, and why I started Meticulous Man Services. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 17 years. We have five kids; two amazing girls and three extremely handsome sons, (yes, I’m biased). They are the reason I strive to be a good example they can be proud of while doing my best at whatever I do, whether at home or at work.

Why did I start Meticulous Man Services?

I started Meticulous Man Services after it was brought to my attention that when I visit friends and family, I’m typically one of the first to pitch in and help clean. Whether it’s before or after our gatherings, it’s just second nature to me. House cleaning is one of the things most people just don’t like to deal with, but we love the results. As my wife can attest, a clean home does wonders for dealing with the little… and sometimes bigger stresses in life. It can give you a sense of calm and fortitude that helps you say, “I can do this.” instead of “How do I begin?” when thinking about what needs to be done. I want you to breathe deep, relax, and do those things that house cleaning gets in the way of, whether it’s hanging out with friends, watching an episode of your favorite show, reading more of that book you’d rather not put down, or just spending some extra time with family.
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Why go with Meticulous Man Services?

Other businesses will tell you the reason you should use their services is that they do something the others don’t offer. We use eco-friend, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners. So do others. We use microfiber cloths. So do others. We offer service schedules to meet your needs. Again, so do others. What we use and the services we offer are not much different than other businesses, but who we are IS different. This much I do know, every time we visit a client’s home, we bring our values, experience, and commitment to give you our best.

We believe that a clean home brings a sense of peace that allows you to relax in the place that you should be able to the most, your home. We’re passionate about cleaning and once we start we don’t stop until it’s finished! Cleaning is more than just removing dirt, it’s about creating a relaxed environment and a feeling of peace. That’s what we want to give to those we serve.

So what makes us different? Why should you use Meticulous Man Services versus the “other guys”? It’s as simple as this, if you go with them you don’t get us 🙂