Cleaning for a Reason

Cleaning for a Reason

Cleaning for a Reason is a non-profit organization that strives to aid women who are battling cancer by teaming up with cleaning services across the United States and Canada. Together, these two forces offer free maid services to meet the needs of women, and since 2006, have donated more than $14 million in free services. Based in Lewisville, TX, Cleaning for a Reason works with more than 1,200 residential cleaning services and continues to grow and gain support.


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Why We’re a Proud Partner

In 2003, my mother received a diagnosis of Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. Witnessing her journey through chemotherapy, I gained a firsthand understanding of the toll that cancer treatment exacts on the body. Following each session, she would be left with minimal energy, barely able to engage in activities she once enjoyed, let alone manage household tasks. It would take several days for her to gradually restore her energy, though it never fully returned to its pre-cancer levels. On the occasions when she did feel a bit better, the temptation to overexert herself was strong, as she tried to compensate for the time lost.

During this period, I came to appreciate the profound impact that a simple clean living space can have on someone’s life. Cancer imparts a sense of helplessness and a loss of control. A cluttered or untidy home can exacerbate these feelings of uncertainty. In contrast, a well-maintained home introduces a breath of renewal into the midst of challenging circumstances. There’s an inherent tranquility, a sensation of serenity and ease that accompanies the knowledge that one’s surroundings are orderly. This understanding led us to become involved with Cleaning for a Reason. Our aim is to infuse a modicum of peace and tranquility into the chaos, affording women the opportunity to invest time in their passions alongside their loved ones.

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